First Press- Apple Cider Festival

 One of the many exciting things happening during this Labor Day weekend is the “First Press” cider festival in Jefferson, MD outside of Frederick at Distillery Lane Ciderworks.  I tagged along with my journalist fiance while he covered the event yesterday.  Although it was quite the trek from Columbia, it was well worth the drive.

This was their third annual “first Press” festival.  The event was held on the actual farm and even had a few vendors, a local band playing (The Woo-Yeahs), food, cider tasting, and a bee keeper.  While talking to one of the owners, we found out that they had already entertained about 500 people so far and were expecting at least 1,000.

I personally enjoyed the bee keeper and the band the most.  The bee keeper was very personable and entertaining.  My dad had recently decided to pick up bee keeping, and so this was very interesting to me to talk to someone else that shares the love of it.  The Woo-Yeahs were also really entertaining.  They were an alternative type country band complete with a banjo.

 People were tasting hard cider and regular cider while we were there, purchasing bushels of apples, people were picking apples, and overall enjoying the day.  I don’t think that the farm could have asked for a better day to host their festival.  (Full Story)


Sink it!

For everyone who likes sports, or just likes having a good time you should try Disc Golf (Frisbee golf or Folf).  Dan and I started playing this year after a friend introduced it to us.  We really had no idea what we were missing until we tried it.

Now if you are saying to yourself, “Oh I hate sports, I don’t think that I would like that…” oh you are so wrong.  Disc Golf is great for not only the sport-loving, competitive type; it is also for those of us who shy away from competition.  I am by no means a sports fanatic, nor am I competitive… but I LOVE disc golf!

You can keep score if you would like (very similar to golf), or you can just play through for fun.  We usually go to Rockburn Branch Park in Howard Co, but there are a lot of courses.  You may have one right down the street from you and you wouldn’t even know it!  There are all kinds of courses out there… go find one near you and try it out!!

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