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Once again, I have been neglecting the world of wordpress… I am guilty.  But, with good reason! I promise!  Besides all of my wedding planning craziness , I have also been trying to create more and get my pottery out there.  I do have my Etsy shop, Oak Leaf Crafts, but I also wanted to try to get my work in a real shop.  Guess what??  I did!! Keepin' It Local  Morganza, MD

Keepin’ It Local is a fun shop in Morganza in Southern Maryland.  I grew up in the area and passed the building that houses the local shop often.  However, it was not always a local goods and art shop.  The building was built in 1900 and was used as the local general store, bar, and post office all at the same time.  I personally remember it as an old abandoned building. I was so thrilled to see that someone purchased the old post office and made it into a local goods shop, keeping the history alive.  After visiting the shop and seeing that other local artists had their work in the shop, I had to try.  And they accepted!  Now some of my pottery is in the shop!  There are so many interesting things there and I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area!!

I have also made a page for Oak Leaf Crafts on Facebook (with the help from the fiance of course).  I am trying!!!  One day maybe I will be able to make even more work… who knows!

Some of my pottery :)

Some of my pottery 🙂

My first Keepin' It Local paycheck!

My first Keepin’ It Local paycheck!


Farmer’s Market Finds!

Market Sign.

Dan and I have been going to the Columbia Farmer’s Market at Oakland Mills on and off since last summer.  We went a week ago and made a few purchases.  We really like this particular market because it happens every Sunday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm May 4- November 23.  Many of the other markets are during the week in the morning, so those of us who work are unable to make it to these. We love supporting the local farmers and businesses, so the market is the place to go!

Apples at the market

There are about seven vendors at the market, so it is not huge.  However, the vendors that do sell their goods at Oakland Mills are very nice, and their produce/ goods are delicious!

We bought only a few things on our last visit.  Dan and I decided on buying a cucumber, a very large eggplant, a cantaloupe, and a really yummy loaf of country white bread.  All of our purchases went quickly and so now we need to visit again this Sunday!!

Country White Bread


Cucumbers and squash

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